Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mountain Xpress, at the corner of Bele and Chere

Here's my schematic of the intricate Bele Chere layout that Mountain Xpress has devised for the 30th anniversary edition of Bele Chere.

As you can see, Xpress has a web cam up and running. Go here to see the live streaming video. The camera is positioned in the window at right to catch all the great street preacher action at the intersection of Bele and Chere (or hell and fire, depending upon your point of view.)

You can also see the impressive Mountain Xpress banner, now hung in the window of the arts and entertainment office.

I've also pointed out the x-marks the spot place for you to stand to be best viewed on Xpress TV. What's not marked on the photo is the location of the Mountain Xpress booth and mini-stage, which will be located on the corner of the Miles Building at the far right. Stop by our booth to harangue, hug or just say hi. And check out our own line-up of kick-ass local music.

Go here for all the online goodness.


Gordon Smith said...

I love it.

zen said...

This is great! I propose that everyone that does attend bele chere stand on this spot at least once, turn slowly with wind in hair and wave and smile for the camera.