Sunday, July 27, 2008

bloggerati @ wedge fri past

Many local bloggers got together @ the new Wedge Brewery this past Friday Eve.
Although I was a piece of wood on a stick, physically, spiritually, ergonomically, I can say that I met a couple folks I hadn't before, and they met me back. Attendance was moderate - and early - despite, in spite of, or because of Bele Chere, (Beautiful Deer.)
Looks like there is a spot for blogaversapaloozathon this fall, plus music. (Oh, Liz L. a.k.a. Auracene won't you do a tune as well?)
I was a wad of wood with no personality. Bet I missed some things. No?


Don Mak said...

I posted some pics of the get together here. Feel free to add who is who in the comments on the related Flickr Page.

Also, the location has been determined? So the location I talked about doesn't need to be followed up Gordon? Unless I hear otherwise I will assume that is the case. :-)

Has the date for the Blogapaloozathon been determined yet?

Also, so everyone knows, music will be provided by Johnny's Inhaler (and whomever else (Liz L.) would like to jump up and do a tune or three is MORE than welcome!). For a little self-promotion, they are playing French Broad Brewery's tasting room this Wednesday. If you come to the show and tell me you're a blogger I'll buy you a beer. Woot! (Johnny's Inhaler video clip here) ;-)

I think I posted enough links to keep y'all busy for awhile ;-)

Edgy Mama said...

Sorry I missed it. I had the kidlings at Bele Chere, and they refused to go elsewhere.

Give over the plans for the Blogaversapoloozathan!

Christopher C. NC said...

I did a people pictureless post on the BlogAsheville get together. On The Fringe of Art

zen said...

I also have a slideshow of a few shots taken there. It was good to see the people i met - didn't have time to catch up with everyone.

looking forward to the blogaversapaloozathon with you though!

Jennifer Saylor said...

Feeling much as poor Christy did I chose to stay home, feeling guilty all the while, knowing I was missing out, and very close to taking a handful of Tylenol and just driving over.

See all in September, frankly can't wait.

Love your pic of Don's daughter, Zen!

mygothlaundry said...

AFAIK, the location hasn't really been decided yet. IF I actually manage to buy the house I want to buy, then I will host it at my new house, sometime probably in mid-October. So, uh, if you want me to have the party, you must think good thoughts towards everything coming together, like, crazy seller, accept my offer and, hey, many banks and government entities, give me money, therefore enabling me to buy this house. Also you can send cash in unmarked envelopes. ;-) Cash! Always the perfect gift!

If the deal falls apart, sigh, well, then someone else somewhere must host this party. Unless y'all want me to have it in the cardboard box under the Patton Avenue bridge where I'll be living. So that's where Gordon and I left it at the end of the Wedge get together.

xty said...

I understood there was an alternate as well. But as nothing is final, I metioned no details. Sorry to frustrate or confuse.
Good luck Fliss.