Monday, July 21, 2008

Asheville Aquarium's Java Reef

Got this press release this morning about The Java Reef. Anyone been there yet? Is it as interesting as it sounds?
The Asheville Aquarium Opens Asheville’s First Public Aquarium and Coffee Bar

The Asheville Aquarium, Inc., located at 5 Regent Park Blvd, Suite #106, opens Asheville’s only Public Mini Reef Aquarium and Coffee/Espresso Bar.

With The Asheville Aquarium’s recent expansion completed, customers have been delighted to discover The Java Reef, a cozy coffee/espresso bar surrounded by incredible display aquariums featuring exotic fish and invertebrates from the world’s rivers, lakes and ocean reefs. The main attraction, WNC’s only 575 gallon mini reef display, comes complete with water surges that mimic ocean’s waves splashing through coral outcrops.

According to Dave Strack, Vice President, The Asheville Aquarium was never meant to be just a tropical fish store. The Java Reef allows us to expand on the Asheville Aquarium’s core mission of presenting the aquarium hobby lifestyle to the public by bringing residents of WNC a great place to view beautiful large aquariums while enjoying free WiFi and some of the best coffee drinks around.

A staff member from Relax and Rejuvenate Spa (next door) dubbed the Java Reef home of the “Pirates of the CoffeeBean” Larry, Java Reef’s own resident Pirate, responded to that comment with a shake of his fist “The Java Reef will become Asheville’s destination for superb coffee and fish…. You can drink our coffee”, and with a growl he added “But you can’t eat our fish!”

The Asheville Aquarium and Java Reef are open every day. Business hours are 8:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Saturday and 12:00pm until 6:00pm on Sundays.

For More information please contact David or Belinda Strack at 828-350-0992, or drop by and see why they say, “If you like tropical fish (or coffee!), you’ll love this place.”


Don Mak said...

You'd think they'd have an address in the press release. I found this:

Kelly said...

take 240W across the bridge to Patton Ave/19-23... it'll be the first right at the light... AS SOON AS you get to the end of the big bridge and it turns into Patton Ave. If you know where the Green Tea/Yoshida/Subway shopping centers are... it's there. Basically right next to subway!