Tuesday, July 22, 2008

AC-T Refuses to Publish Local School Success

"Local" paper, owned by outside corporation, refuses to publish list of schools who successfully met all No Child Left Behind Goals.

The following locals did make AYP for this year's No Child Left Behind.

We at BlogAsheville thought they should receive some recognition:

So here's to your hardworking teachers, students, and parents!

Asheville City Schools

SILSA - School of Inquiry and Life Sciences
Vance Elementary School

Buncombe County Schools

Avery's Creek Elementary
Barnardsville Elementary
Black Mountain Primary
Buncombe Co. Early College
Candler Elementary
Career Education Center
C. C. Bell Elementary
Charles D. Owen High
Emma Elementary
Enka High
Hominy Valley Elementary
Johnston Elementary
Leicester Elementary
North Buncombe Elementary
North Buncombe High
Oakley Elementary
Pisgah Elementary
W. D. Williams Elementary
Weaverville Elementary
Weaverville Primary
Woodfin Elementary

Please note that many of the other "failed" schools were within 1 target goal of making AYP under No Child Left Behind, but those wonderful folks who brought us NCLB, have made so its all or nothing.

Make every goal or you are a failing school.

It's ridiculous.


Bill In Asheville said...

I have two daughters, one in Vance (go Vance!) and one in Asheville Middle.
They are both fantastic schools, far better than the "local" paper makes them sound.
The "local" paper should be ignored as essentially irrelevant. Unless you have a bird cage or cat box which needs its input.

Edgy Mama said...

Thanks, Admin. I agree. Why emphasize the negative instead of the positive?

Not that NCLB is a positive, as far as I can tell. It's just an unnecessary teacher/administrator stressor.

Admin said...

tis a kid stressor, too!

Bryan said...

Vance has come a long way over the last three or four years. Their teachers and staff have worked very hard meet these goals while providing enrichment programs that are supported by involved parents like our good friend Bill the Ashevillian. Vance is a model of success. I hope that at some point the school system and the community will give some recognition.