Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Creme: Patisserie & Confectionery

So, yeah, I was in Orbit DVD the other day trying to rent Star Wars for my 4 year old son, when I stumbled upon a flyer for Creme: Patisserie and Confectionery - the simple reading caused me to ruin my dinner. Desperate to learn more, I tried to google them, but no avail, hence this blog.

From their brochure:

"Summer 2008

Creme is a local pastry company specializing in artisan breads, chocolates, whole cakes, and a wide variety of petit desserts.

We feature all natural, organic, and local ingredients on our seasonal menu.

Each of our items are handmade in small batches to enhance the true quality in each product. We offer low fat, sugar-free, and vegan options for many of our menu items. Please allow at least 48 hours notice for all orders.

Contact us for more information on customizing your next party, large or small."

Now to the goodness, please note this is not a compete rendering of all their offerings; however, you can always stop by Orbit DVD and pick up a flyer!

Pies and Tarts - $22/each

Chocolate Banana Mousse Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie
Jack Daniels Pecan Pie
Red Wine Strawberry Pie
Apple Almandine Tart
Chocolate Hazelnut Tart
Roasted Pineapple Carmel Tart
White Chocolate Key Lime Tart

Cheesecake for Two - $12

Banana's Foster - with graham cracker crust
Berry Cheesecake - with vanilla shortbread crust
Mocha - espresso cheesecake with a chocolate crust
Traditional New York - with lemon shortbread crust
Triple Chocolate - with chocolate shortbread crust

I could go on and on, but I shall just leave you with a list of the other areas of their culinary delights and let your imagine do the rest - Chocolates, Truffle Box Assortments, Confections, Pasteries, Petit Fours, Whole Cakes, Daily Breads, Sweet Breads, Specialty Loaves, Cookies, and Bar Cookies


Please call between the hours of: Monday - Saturday: 9am-5pm [Sunday: closed]


Jennifer Jacobs and Jitra Neal


Support local artists and businesses!


Jennifer Saylor said...

I'm pretty sure I've had cookies from Creme, and they were insane crazy off-the-hook delicious. The best cookies I ever had in my life, now that I think about it.

Kelly said...

so they just do catering? my sweet tooth would like to try some!

Admin said...

looks like it, if you want to try a nibble first, hit Orbit DvD is West Asheville, they have brochure and some tasty tidbits....

Jennifer Saylor said...

As I recall they just do catering and don't have a shop you can visit, but I think they might cater small parties. It's worth asking them how it works, as they cookies I had from them were just totally insanely good -- leftovers from a friend's catered event in the River District.

Admin said...

oooh perhaps we could get them to cater the 3rd annual blogapolozthon parta in the fall?

Jennifer Saylor said...

God damn I'm in.

Jitra said...

Thank you for all of your comments and inquiries. We just opened a bakery at 640 Merrimon Ave, suite 201.