Saturday, June 28, 2008

Considerations for the New Blog Year

I am considering taking BlogAsheville into uncharted HTML waters this summer.

Blogger has significantly updated their user interface which makes adding links and the like easier.

However, I wanted to put it to the community to see if anyone cares either way.

It would mean that the webpage might get super spotty for a Saturday while I try to figure it all out.


Tweak or don't tweak....that is the question


Jennifer Saylor said...

Yeah, I care. Super spotty Sat. not a big deal -- thanks for keeping up the blog!

Might be time for a fresh layout while you're at it... :0)

Rev. Johnny Lemuria said...

Tweak! Twweeeaaakkkk! Tweak like the wind!

Wesley said...

I care as well. Have fun.

xty said...

tweak away

zen said...

i care too - and prefer the tweakage.

Anonymous said...

Gotta keep with the times, my friend. Tweak away!