Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Call for Volunteers

Hi There,
You know how I always come in here and announce how it's Gem Fest this weekend and everybody should really get on down to Pack Place to check it out? Well, this year, how would YOU like to participate in Gem Fest, which is not this weekend but next weekend - June 13 - 15? Join the exciting crew of rockhounds and mineral dealers and help out science education in WNC by volunteering to help the Colburn Earth Science Museum present their largest - and really their only - annual fundraiser! They could really use people to either crack geodes, which is actually extremely fun, outdoors, mildly athletic and makes a satisfying loud noise, or watch the silent auction, which is air conditioned, mellow and offers the possible chance to foil evil doers. Two hour shifts are available on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. For more info or to sign up, call the Colburn at 254-7162. Please. Your community rock museum needs you. You will get free coffee and donuts and soda and possibly even trail mix. And it's fun!


Kelly said...

wow, sounds great. i'll spread the word!

Bill In Asheville said...

can I combine breaking geodes and catching evil doers... breaking evil doer's heads?

zen said...

I'd like to crack a geode and find a donut inside!