Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Asheville coffee shop update. Work with us Dripolator!

A few weeks back I posted an article on the best coffee shops to work from with your laptop. One of the negatives I gave about the Dripolator was the lousy two hour rule. It was posited that Dripolator had lifted this insane limitation, but the girl sitting behind me at the moment begs to differ, as she got the dreaded "Ooops! It looks like you ran out of time" splash screen.

C'mon Drip. Help us out. When someone just spent $10-15 to sit and do homework while dining on rather pricey coffee shop food that person should be able to finish what they came to do.

Possible solution:
When a loyal customer runs out of time, allow them to go to the counter and buy another drink and have their account reset. "It doesn't work like that" you say? Well it should.
Otherwise I hear there is a great place called The Green Sage just up the street. I haven't tried it yet, but you wouldn't want me to work on my songwriting blog there would you? :-)


Gianna said...

when I was without internet connection I went to Mountain Java, which you mention in your last post on the topic of cafe internet service.

I found that it had very unreliable service and started going to Atlanta Bread Company which you don't mention.

I think Atlanta Bread Company has absolutely horrible food but it's very comfortable to use the computer...it's quiet and you can stay as long as you want.

Certainly not the hip cafe experience of Dripolator or Izzy's but if you want to get a lot of work done it's quite nice.

Edgy Mama said...

Has anyone talked to the new owners? They seem very customer friendly. I did have an account reset deal with the previous owner, Susan, and I imagine if the new owners know that certain folks won't abuse the system, they'd be happy to cooperate.

Deb Abramson said...

What doesn't make sense about this--if I'm understanding correctly--is that you can buy a single cup of coffee and read a book for 3 hours without anyone asking you to leave. But if you're doing Internet-based work, you will be (in effect) asked to leave after 2, even if you've spent, say, $12 on food/drink.

Maybe the book readers never stay that long, so it's not an issue. ??

Gourmet Grrl said...

I agree with EM- speak to the owners. Jay and Kim are awesome, sweet accomodating folks.

If you enjoy doing your blogging or other internet work in beige airports, than I too suggest you go to Atlanta Bread Company. Otherwise, stay away. Far, far away.

True community takes communication. So keep it local, and share your issues with the Dripolator people, because they are awesome.