Monday, April 21, 2008

Recycle Your Crocs

Saw this on the Buncombe County government website. Sadly, the closest participating retailer is in Marshall (Madison Pharmacy & Gifts). Perhaps we can encourage some other Asheville area businesses to participate?

Even if you don’t own a pair of Crocs, you’ve seen them. They are the distinctive plastic clogs with the holes on top. If you have a worn-out or an outgrown pair, don’t throw them away. Instead, give them a second life by recycling them through Crocs’ SolesUnited program.

SolesUnited began as a way to recycle manufacturing scrap but has now expanded to include worn-out shoes. Many retailers that sell Crocs will accept used classic Crocs-brand shoes for this recycling program. If there is not a participating retailer near you, you can mail your old Crocs to one of these addresses:

  • Crocs Recycling – West
    3375 Enterprise Avenue
    Bloomington, CA 92316

  • Crocs Recycling – East
    1500 Commodity Boulevard
    Lockbourne, OH 43137

SolesUnited takes the old Crocs, sorts them, grinds them up, and turns them into new shoes. These shoes are packed into large shipping containers and sent to non-profit organizations in developing countries. SolesUnited Crocs cannot be resold by the organizations and must be given away to those who need shoes.

To date, SolesUnited has donated 1 million pairs of recycled shoes, with a goal of giving away 2 million by the end of this year. For more information, visit

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