Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bill Clinton @ Asheville High School


Cecil Bothwell said...

Bill's talk was full of ways he believes Hillary can fix the things he screwed up. Hmmm.

He claimed, "Nobody saw that the trade deals would send corporations overseas." Wrong, dude. We did and we said so loudly when you and Hillary were pushing NAFTA.

He claimed, "Hillary will fix things for the working class." Well, maybe. But back in the day she was a union-buster at Wal-Mart. Her and your policies are a big part of the reason Bush was able to FURTHER bash us working folks.

He touted wonderful sounding environmental and energy ideas ... the same ones Gore was advancing before he took the V.P. job with Bill Clinton, who really failed as an environmental president.

So, sorry charlie. We don't want tuna with good taste, we want tuna that tastes good.

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