Saturday, March 08, 2008

Around BlogAsheville

Xty at Liminal Screeds has a picture taken in her neighborhood of a goat on a trampoline.

Hazen Hunter has video of an incredible piece of culture jamming / performance art featuring 207 people in Grand Central Station, NYC.

A Girl Who Wears Glasses embarrassed herself:

As I was grabbing his special order he said he wanted to look around the store in case he wanted something else. Eventually, he returned with a book on premature ejaculation (which i didn't think anyone would ever have the courage to buy.)

He then comments on his special order: "Oh, I'm surprised the book I special ordered is here already."
To which I replied, "Yeah, it came a lot quicker than I thought it would."

Giannakali at Bipolar Blast celebrated a year of blogging by looking at how far she's come. No relationship to Specs Appeals' embarrassment intended.

The Avant Garden has video at YouTube - Herd of Arches:

Waterfall over at A Sort Of Notebook hasn't had time for blogging, but her house has...

Both Ashvegas and mothertrucker are attracted to Camp Lickalotta.

Pancho's Via is royally pissed about the fake non-fiction books now being exposed.

What have y'all been reading?


Sword Mama said...

Some of my son's books. ;-)

Huw said...

Howdy! & let me add a fond goodbye to my fellow bloggers of Asheville: I've departed the sunny skies of WNC for the Grey, Chilly and Snow Shore of Lake Erie. I'm living in Buffalo, NY: following my heart - quite literally in this case. I've moved here because my beloved is just on the other side of the international border, on the shores of Lake Ontario.

I'm still blogging though! Occasionally you'll see Pictures of us or, more likely, pics of this strange urban - and VERY flat - place I now call home.

Many thanks for all the blogging and best of luck.