Sunday, February 24, 2008

Asheville Tourism Promos

That's Ian of The Rib Tips doing the fiddling and singing!

The ironic tagline for all three slick promos is "Unscripted". I like the first one, mainly because the Rib Tips are featured, but also because I like anything that instills a sense of possibility rather than a sense of repression or fear. I like the idea of folks getting nekkid and swinging into a river that's featured in the second one. But the third one is a strange Nickelodeonesque, Do the Dew nonsense. But all in all I imagine it's money well spent leading folks to our Tourism website.

Your thoughts?


ash said...

this ad campaign is about two years old now and starting to feel a little dated, but still fun. it was a good idea to get people involved and ask them to submit youtube videos and such.

Gordon Smith said...

I guess I'm about two years behind the hot tip of the zeitgeist...