Saturday, January 12, 2008

Welcome to BlogAsheville!

-Classic Monster Booty by Asheville KnitArtist, CrankyPants-

Y'all * welcome these newest additions to the BlogAsheville family!
"Occasional information on Politics, Science, Art & Carolina Panthers Football"

The Mills River Progressive
"A reality-based blog featuring views, news, and dialogue that the corporate media refuses to present. Operating from the Mountains of Western North Carolina, Mills River is a community in Henderson County, about 20 minutes from Asheville."

my life in cake
random thoughts about me, cake, making cake, other people making cake, cupcakes, asheville, child rearing, urban homesteading, and whatever else I (or you) feel like talking about.

Tiny Green House
"from a life in Suburbia to 3 years of Permaculture Sustainability in the Georgia woods, and now to an Urban setting, follow the adventures of me, Isabel, and my "Permaculture on the Cheap" farmer/partner, Bob as we try to have fun while creating a lifestyle with a light footprint in the city of Asheville, NC"

Christine Kane's Blog
"Be Creative. Be Conscious. Be Courageous."

eatbees blog
"Marcel Côté is the author of thousands of pages of unpublished treasures, some of which are collected at Radiant Days. He has been a pizza delivery driver, political activist, radio news reporter, student of philosophy, Wall Street executive secretary, photographer, vagabond in Paris, Visual Basic programmer and web designer."

Boston Dreams and Michelin Stars
"Welcome. Today's prix fixe menu has three courses: Mouth-watering food writing, mind-numbing running diaries, and, for dessert, the occasionally humorous essay.

If you are an Asheville or Western North Carolina blogger, please shoot us an email at blogasheville (at)!

-Pirate Longies by Asheville KnitArtist, CrankyPants-

* Edit: Y'all from Ya'll (got an email)


Randall said...

Thanks for the welcome!

We have two new posts that readers might find interesting, so please drop by when you can. One is on health insurance companies and other looks into the selling of military secrets. For Carolina Panthers fans, I can't be as inviting because I just couldn't keep going this season. I'll have to try and realize my dream as a sports reporter again next year. Of course if you look through the archives back to 2004, you'll see I do this every year.

But I have hope! Thanks again,


Jim Jenkins said...

Welcome, bloggas!

Do those pirate pants come in size 34?

Jennifer Saylor said...

Yeah, welcome bloggas!


Edgy Mama said...

Yes, Jim, forget yoga pants, I want some of those monster pants.

Welcome to our ever-increasing local blogroll all!