Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Personal message re: disappeared blog

Thank you all for the e-mails of concern and despair. Yes, for all of today, clicking on has taken you to a website for golf carts. And not just any golf carts, but those marketed only to fluent Latin scholars.

Needless to say, my transfer from Blogger to Wordpress is not going smoothly. Server problems, possibly Charter problems, DNS transfer delays. You understand. The Internets, she is a fickle mistress. And I prefer men.

Soon, I hope, Edgy Mama will be back--smoother, cleaner, and with more cowbell.

Thanks for your patience and for letting me give notice here. Stay tuned. xoxoxo


zen said...

More Cowbell!

And if you need a graphic that proves it...

Admin said...


hurry back to us, edgy!

arratik said...

As someone who has gone through the Blogger-to-WordPress thing not once but twice, I feel your pain.

Jason Bugg, Killer of Fools said...

In other news, my life has turned to shit. Real life stinky poo!