Friday, January 25, 2008

More Asheville Bloggers Abound

Handmade goods by Asheville artist Quiltbaby

I just have to say how excited we are here at BlogAsheville to find all these new local bloggers. Please go by and say hey to the following folks!
Healthy Concepts
"Ideas, Recipes and Encouragement to help you achieve our optimal health potential."

Girl Talks Kitchen
"A Southern Girl Talks About Food, Wine and Everything In Between!"

A Girl Named Boo
"Extroverted to the point of other people's embarrassment."

Patreecia Spaulding’s Blog
"Green Real Estate Consultant in Asheville"

Outside Clyde
"Living the life of gardening in the low spot on a North Carolina mountaintop."

Paint Outside the Frame
"Art Talk"

What to Expect When Your Electing
"Two moms talk politics and more from Asheville, North Carolina"

Cozy Blue
"what goes on, in and around our cozy blue house... "

Additionally, we here at BlogAsheville are putting together an Asheville Etsy link list, as well as a Asheville Etsy blog page!!!


We are putting together a list of restaurants called Good Eats!

Handmade goods by Asheville artist Quiltbaby


Gordon Smith said...

Wow! So many bloggers are coming out of the woodwork!

Admin - will you shoot me their email addies, so I can invite them to the Community Media Rocket Club thang?

108 Blogs and counting...

Christopher C. NC said...

Nice to be on the list. It feels like I am getting acclimated. Thanks!

I will consider myself invited to the Community Media Rocket Club thang Gordan. That is MAIN and BlogAsheville together on Feb 2nd at the Rocket Club right?

Admin said...

Aye, I'll be there as well!

Welcome aboard!

Gordon Smith said...

You got it Christopher.