Sunday, January 20, 2008

Around BlogAsheville

Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl has some good news and some bad news:

"The good news is: We have sold our house and the new owner wants to take possession very, very soon. The bad news is: We have sold our house and the new owner wants to take possession very, very soon."

Cecil Bothwell has more Bobby Medford coverage and thoughts:

"At minimum we are going to see many current and former law enforcement officials called as witnesses during the March trial, but it seems all but impossible that the arrests are complete."

Mx Mulder over at 1000 Black Lines is planning to shut down his blog when it gets to 1,000 posts. He's fewer than ten away, so see it while it still exists.

Distort the Info spent 36 hours in New Orleans.

Edgy Mama had to go to court:

"But the baliff either didn't notice or didn't care that I was reading for two hours while we all sat, quiet and glum in the fluorescent bleakness of the courtroom"

Where Words Live provide this touching public service announcement - "Cooties"

WNCSOS asks, "The mountain slopes of Western North Carolina are being cleared for expansive resort development. Will these activities weaken the landslide prone slopes of Western North Carolina?"

UNC Student has become Pokey Sticks and Politics. Here's the big rollout post:

"The new name of the blog is Pokey Sticks and Politics.

Ian came up with the name, but the web address isn’t going to change. Our other new news here at Pokey Sticks and Politics is that we have a new guest columnist. Jessamyn Weis has agreed to be a co-columnist or whatever you want to call it. Welcome aboard Jessamyn, we look forward to your first post."

Thought Patterns has been researching keyboards for your computer. If you've been thinking about a change, check out this post.

The Mills River Progressive has had enough of all the political advertising on the South Carolina stations:

"Maybe the CIA could look into using these ads as a new and effective form of torture - making detainees watch these on an endless loop for a few hours would likely cause anyone to crack, like Chinese water torture. "

The Avant Gardener shows us his garden in an eerie 3-minute video. I couldn't figure out how to embed it, go check it out!

Stupid Mommy's little daughter got a complimentary issue of MAXIM magazine. She writes to the magazine and posts it (with pictures) at her blog.

Danielle Landriscina shows you 50 ways to recycle your cellphone.

My Weaverville says, "The annual Buncombe County Schools All County Band Clinic will be held for middle and high school students on January 28-29 at North Buncombe High School. Approximately 200 students in grades 7-12 will participate."

Randallt got booked at LEAF!


Edgy Mama said...

Can't believe I misspelled "bailiff."

Deb Abramson said...

Edgy Mama, I could hardly baliff it myself.