Monday, December 17, 2007

Other Voices, Other Rooms

This picture is from Bill's blog, Ashevillein.

Jason Bugg, author of So Much For Tact and off-putting commenter at various sites, has a touching post that will give you a fuller picture of this complicated guy. Excerpt:

"I know this is selfish, but the thing that makes me the saddest is that when people who don't know me will hear or read that my mother is dead, they'll react to it a lot more severely than they did when my grandmother died. This makes me sad."

Pancho at Pancho's Via is psyched that Sirius.B made the Knoxville News.

WNC Outdoors Info Blog has cool interactive maps for you:

"I’ve been busy adding features to HikeWNC and MTB WNC recently, including a public “beta” of the new Interactive Maps and making it easier to save and print the Best Hikes to take along with you as you head out on the trails. Now, you’ll find each hike and ride organized into tabs to make perusing the information even easier. And now, the details page (along with driving directions) is nicely formatted when you click “Print”. No more borders, navigation bars, or backgrounds! "

Anne Fitten Glenn, author of Edgy Mama and blogger-made-good freelancer at Mtn. X and AC-T, has her latest piece up at the Mtn. X site. Kids Giveth and Kids Taketh Away.

Cecil Bothwell at Bothwell's Blog is all over the Bobby Medford bust, a story which he spearheaded investigation on over two years ago.

Lowell Allen's Serial Photo continues to inspire and amaze.

Lastly, please go help Jennifer Saylor rescue her friend from a life without red lipstick:

"So here is my request: My friend might be persuaded to wear red lipstick again if she can find a cheap brand you can get online or at Target/Walmart/Kmart/drugstores rather than the upscale department stores. (Part of her reason for quitting red is that her brand, Clinique, is $14 a tube.)

I am looking for a bluish/purplish red (NOT an orange or pink red) matte lipstick, preferably with no scent, that you can either get online cheap, or at the drugstore (the place where, I know, most “red” lipsticks turn a horrible pink or orange when applied to your lips). Ideally, the price would be $12 or less a tube.

My friend is a hazel-eyed dyed blonde with fair skin, early 50’s, handsome and attractive."


Jennifer Saylor said...

OMGLOL, I can't believe you linked to that! :0) Thanks I think, and merry Christmas!

Edgy Mama said...

Thanks for the bloggie roundup, G!

Jennifer, tell your friend to go to Truth is that most of the stuff is toxic and you swallow gobs of it each year. Jus saying...

Bill In Asheville said...

I feel the love. Thanks, G.

sophie said...

Black Cherry by Milani, available at most drug stores for about $4!!!