Sunday, December 02, 2007

Found Cat, West Asheville

Way back in April, just before that frost that hit us so hard, I found this black and white cat near the Malvern Hills area of West Asheville.

I put notices online and in the paper, but never found his owner.

Because he is completely adorable and was clearly raised in a loving home (I can tell from how he acts in the kitchen that someone fed him snacks all the time), I can't shake the idea that someone might be missing him.

Do you know anyone who lost a black and white cat in the West Asheville area this spring? If you do, click here to find a way to contact me.

* found black and white cat, spring 2007
* Malvern Hills area of West Asheville
* male, appears to be about 4 years old
* no tail

(Animal lovers don't worry, I will not hand this cat over to just anyone who says they lost him. I will require unassailable proof he's theirs.)


Arwen said...

I love cow cats.

Edgy Mama said...

Have you taken the cat to the Humane Society to check if he has a microchip or tattoo?

Jennifer Saylor said...


I had him checked for a chip, but not a tattoo (or at least, not that I am aware of). I'll ask again at his next vet visit.

Arwen, cow cats are my fave. :0)