Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cecil Bothwell to helm news desk of new independent weekly in Asheville

Crossposted from Ashvegas:

Fresh off his firing at Mountain Xpress, crusading journalist *Cecil Bothwell* has taken up with a new Ashvegas alt weekly that appears will directly compete with his old MountainX colleagues.

Cecil, who turned his firing into a glorious crown of victimhood/hero-ness, will carry his reputation right on into a brand new administration. We can't wait to see his first big story.

When will the new _Asheville City Paper_ hit the streets? Can the Ashvegas market support two independent weekly newspapers, a market already crammed with more niche publications than we can list? Wonder how MountainXers feel about this news? Can we cram yet another newspaper box on the streets of Ashvegas???

O, the questions.

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