Wednesday, October 03, 2007

George "The" Bastard's Belated Acceptance Speech

George, winner of the 2007 Blogger Least Likely To Make Money Blogging award, has posted the speech he would have given at the Extrava if only we'd given him the chance.

"So Much For Tact almost gave me a run for the money in this category, however made the vital mistake of being funny and readable."


George the Bastard said...

The quality of BlogAsheville took a sudden nosedive at 11:31pm, October 3.

Gourmet Grrl said...

Please accept my deepest apologies for poor taste.

Admin said...


i thought you had great taste, which is why you have a food blog!

no worries.


Gordon Smith said...

gourmet grrrl,

I thought your comment was funny as hell.

George the Bastard said...

Huh? I didn't mean that gourmet grrrl was in bad taste, I meant that posting my piece on blogasheville was poor taste (that's why I put the time stamp on)

George the Bastard said...

I wasn't referring to Gourmet Grrl about the nosedive, I was referring to BlogAsheville quoting me, hence the 11:31 ref.