Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ephemera Goes To Malaprops

From the very cool Asheville bloggie, Ephemera, some thoughts after going to a reading for Asheville: A History at Malaprops:

"I'm fascinated by the local history of my adopted hometown, and the local lore lives up to the majesty of the Asheville's breathtaking setting. I was especially riveted by the story of Asheville's deep economic slide--triggered by a local bank failure at the height of the Great Depression--which lasted more than 40 years. Ironically, this epic downturn is what saved the town's Art Deco architecture from destruction during the Urban Renewal frenzy of the 1960s. Asheville's downtown was preserved like a time capsule, and today contains the best examples of Art Deco architecture found anywhere outside of Miami Beach."

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raindog said...

Thanks for the link love and kind words, Gordon. I'm glad you found my post of interest.