Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Earth Science Week

Hey everyone! It's Earth Science Week! Whooo hooo! Big Fun! What does that mean for us in Asheville? It means that the Colburn Earth Science Museum is open FREE every afternoon from 3 - 5 and while you are here, you can get a free guided tour, participate in the totally fun H2Olympics (okay, they're designed for kids, but have you ever, like, really examined the surface tension of water with a magnifying glass? Because it is awesome.) and get a free piece of calcite. Yes. A free mineral, just for you. So come down here and bring your kids. On Saturday, too, there will be a Geology Walk of downtown at 10:30 am, which will offer you a fascinating new way to look at downtown wherein you do not see the tourists, you see only the ancient stones. Cool, huh? See you here!

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