Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Don't Bite the Blog that Beers You

I'd like to extend an apology to the good folks at Bruisin' Ales Beer Blog who took a bruising after donating a keg of beer to the BlogAsheville party. Apparently, the flavored beer was not appreciated by the beer drinkin' blogger denizens who partook of the $100.00 DFH Festina Peche keg

Y'all were delivered a special and limited release by Dogfish Head. It was quite popular in the store. It was last minute, it was not cheap, and it cost us money. So there it is. Surely we intended to offend the whole blog community, begging for the negative publicity for our store. We feel so welcomed and humbled. Cheers!

Regardless, the donation was an appreciated addition to the festivities, and it did not warrant an ugly response, no matter how large the hangovers.

The reality is Bruisin' Ales does a wonderful job bringing the foamy goodness to Asheville, deserves our appreciation, attention, and business.

My apologies...

Bruisin' Ales
66 Broadway Street
Asheville, NC 28801
beer (at) bruisin-ales.com
Closed Monday
Tuesday-Thursday 12-8pm
Friday-Saturday 12-9pm
Sunday 12-4pm


ash said...

don't really see the need for an apology. everybody's entitled to their own opinion.

Kilgore Trout said...

I don't think an apology was needed for not liking the beer. Instead, it was the impression given that Bruisin Ales intentionally tried to pass off this beer to the party because it was crap. It was a gift, a keg of beer from a highly regarded microbrewer. Just because people didn't like it does not diminish the thought and intention behind it. I thought the words 'keg of bullshit' were a bit harsh.

George the Bastard said...

I drank more than one cup of it. I had tried it before, and liked it, there was a bit of an aftertaste to this keg. It got a bit of a backhanded compliment on my blog, but thanks Bruisin' Ales - you rule and you're easy walking distance. And most importantly, remember the correct way to shop at Bruisin' Ales. Buy the first beer that looks good, then drink it while wandering the rest of the store looking for other beers to buy. Damn, they're closed now...

Gordon Smith said...

The peach flavored malt beverage was, to my unrarified palate, undrinkable.

If someone brought a six-pack of this niche brew to my house, I'd think that it was a nice thing to think of for those who like fruity malts. If someone brings a keg of it over to my house, I'd wonder who they thought would drink that much of it.

Bruisin' Ales, you are a fine shop. The choice to donate a keg was thoughtful. The keg itself was full at the end of the night, with Bruisin' Ales signs on either side of it, a testament to the wrong choice.

I'll keep shopping at Bruisin' Ales, but I'm lost as to how the choice to send this particular (very particular) beer was made. Big Party, band, awards, peach malt beverage. What doesn't fit here?

No hard feelings, but don't expect a cheer for a keg undrunk.

zen said...

i only didn't drink any because i brought my own. I would've tried the peach, but got plenty happy on my own and my tastebuds wouldn't have been very discriminating afterwards.

Seriously, i appreciate the apology, but don't think it's necessary. It was a cool gift.

Edgy Mama said...

I don't think they have apologized, zen. We're the ones apologizing.

I hope we all learned from this. Bruising that gifting needs to be a bit more to mainstream taste, and Bloggers that free beer ain't necessarily good beer.

Also, Bruisin, we're bloggers, and we do have strong opinions.

That said, I personally am a huge supporter of small local businesses, love that our community seems to be able to support a beer-only store, and hope you continue to thrive.

Julie said...

Thanks, bloggers. (I did apologize to Edgy on her blog, btw.) Opinions are great--I'm a blogger, too--but the opinions on the beer were transforming to a bashing of our little business. And, indeed, we felt a little bit bruised by good intentions.

Anyhoo, it's done. Just stop in sometime and have a brew with us. We likely have something you would like to drink. I could use a beer now, actually. Who's in?

ash said...

me, me, me!
i'll be on my way over at some point this week to patronize your business, drink your beer and make sure you know the blogosphere lurves ya.

Edgy Mama said...

Oh good, we're all friends in beer again.

Gordon Smith said...

Beer buddies.