Sunday, September 30, 2007

Notes on the Night

Well, the Blogapalooza has come and gone. It was a grand time!

Mrs. Uptown and I arrived earlier, set up the giant chess board, watched our son and "afternoon charge" run around, plotting a pre-mediated meltdown. The weather was crisp, perfect really. We left for a few hours around 6pm in order to deliver said charge to his grandparents, and I was able to return around 7:45pm. The party then was in full swing.

Gordon Smith of Scrutiny Hooligans
Photograph by Zen

This year's attendance was up, and the folks who came were an amalgamation of media heads - Blogasheville bloggers (in attendance that I saw: Ashevegas, Edgy Mana, She Who Eats, What the Hell?, Tim Peck, Jennifer Saylor, 1000 Black Lines, Jim Jenkins, Frank, Scrutiny Hooligans, Modern Peasant, Hangover Journals, Bird on the Moon, Brainshrub, Petulant Rumblings, Through the Fears, Zenography and his lovely wife, Helen, George the Bastard, Stoplight Haiku, Virtual Inanity, and Makoviney) Mtn Express folks, WPVM, neighbors, friends, and photographers; the fools seemed to stay at home, which did all of us good.

Backyard Lights
Photograph by Zen

The food was excellent (much thanks to Errington Thompson, long may you be outraged!) ,our Hosts - Kyle and Jennifer - most gracious and good, and the music by Sirius B. helped take us into the wee hours.

Hesper and the Effervescent Jennifer Saylor
Photograph by Zen

Jennifer Saylor has a more poignant, much better written write-up of the event:

"The 2nd annual BlogAsheville awards were last night.

I read in Gordon’s blog that he was AFK for awhile on Friday due to getting an extravablogahaircut. To be honest, part of me found it somewhat shallow to be so concerned about one’s appearance at a public event. So in order to make Gordon feel better about himself I scheduled myself an extravablogahaircut as well as an extravablogafacial and an extravablogapedicure.

I was terribly nervous as I got ready for the party last night. The butterflies in my stomach felt familiar, and I realized that I felt like I was going out on a date. And indeed, I sort of was, stepping out with the BlogAsheville community."

The Indomitable Ash of Ashvegas also has a write-up:

"It's been a little more than two years since we launched ourselves into the blogosphere, and we've rarely taken the time to pause and reflect. But a few beers, a change in the weather and tossing a few accolades our way always makes us feel all mushy inside.

Last night marked the second annual Blogapaloozathon, a drunken debacle happy gathering of smart, computer-savvy Ashvegas denizens who like to throw the doors of their soul open (in some form or fashion) online for all who care to take a peek.

We caught up with several friends we've made over the past couple of years, and also enjoyed seeing some of the many new faces that have joined the BlogAsheville blog roll. Meeting new people, making fuller connections and building a community - that's what it's all about. There's a power to our group, a potential that we have yet to tap. Thanks to everyone who came out - great to see you all."

And Gordon, our blogmaster of ceremonies, has written up this year's award winners. And Zen of Zenography has some of his pictures of the party up on his Flickr page.

Grats to all!


Fliss and the Blogger Staff of Power
Photograph by Zen

P.S. I spoke to many of you last night, and at Ash's suggestion and prompt, I'll be sending out many more invites for posting privileges here at blogasheville. Additionally, when I can carve out a moment, I will alphabetize the blogroll. Fliss, at Hangover Journals, suggested this one, and now that she wields the "Blogger Staff of Power" she must be obeyed!


"This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it. ... Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense."
- Emerson


Edgy Mama said...

Alphabetizing does make sense, although I do like being at the top of the list! Maybe I should change my blog name to "An Edgy Mama." No, that wouldn't work.

Anyway, thanks Uptown, for all you do and did last night. Sorry to miss the Mrs.

Kisses to everyone I didn't get to kiss last night. Which probably isn't many of you.

Jennifer Saylor said...

LOL change your blog's name to Anne: Edgy Mama.

"Meeting new people, making fuller connections and building a community - that's what it's all about. There's a power to our group, a potential that we have yet to tap."

- Amen.

zen said...

I think the alphabetizing sux, but then again with a name like zen, i've never been at the head of any pick list (doesn't help that i wasn't athletic, either).

Actually, it is a good idea, and maybe i'll be squarely at the bottom of the list next to some breathable white space!

Helen and i had a great time!

ash said...

great to see everybody. Gordon, thank you soooo much for making this happen.

zen said...
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zen said...
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zen said...

Additionally, here's the announcements themselves, in infrared hand-held and crappy sound, but for those who want to hear it for themselves:

2007 Blogger Awards on Vimeo.

Gordon Smith said...

Check out Susan's Flickr of the Extrava!

mygothlaundry said...

Thanks again, y'all! The hangover is finally fading (yeah, yeah, I know, shut UP, I was nervous, okay?) It was an amazing party; thanks to everyone, and I really, really deeply appreciate all your good thoughts and wishes and votes. Thanks. I will attempt to be a benevolent dictator for the next year that I wield the staff of power. ;-)

Jennifer Saylor said...

LOVE the new alphabetized sidebar -- LITERALLY every blog from Ashvegas to Zenography!

Saw some I'd missed before...

zen said...

YAY! Saved the bestest for lastest!