Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lexington Avenue Arts & Fun Festival

I spent the afternoon at LAAFF and had a great time. I missed the ill-fated world record attempt for riding the world's tallest bicycle, but I saw tons of friends, heard some great music, saw some dancing, and people-watched on one of the weirdest streets in America.

My LAAFF Flickr set is here.

How was your LAAFF?


George the Bastard said...

Fun pics - I didn't take any pictures, but got horribly dirty in the zombie outfit. I'll have a report soon at the lack of life (which should be voted upon for "Worst blog", "Biggest Case of Self-Infatuation", and "Greatest reason for the abolition of the Internet").
My favorite moment was eating the PETA pamphlet.

Jennifer Saylor said...

Sorry to hear about the bike guy. I was rooting for him.

Edgy Mama said...

You were the zombie, George? I think I'm the only fotog who didn't take your photo!

Great photos! Sorry I missed you. The girl and I only lasted about an hour. So glad you're Flickring now!

George the Bastard said...

Hi Edgy - I was a zombie, during the whole day there were five of us, four male and one female. I didn't make it into Gordon's photos, I didn't take any photos, but a few people I know did, so hopefully I'll get a shot of George the Zombie sometime soon.

timpeck said...

LAAFF Bike Fall: The Movie