Saturday, August 11, 2007

Meteors Over Asheville This Weekend

Tonight (Saturday) and Sunday mark the peak of the annual Perseid meteor shower, the best and brightest of the annual showers. According to Earth and Sky, at its peak this shower can produce 60 meteors an hour. The best watching is after midnight, but if that's too late for you 10PM may be early enough for some meteors.

If you want to watch the show overhead, you really just need two things: a clear view of the eastern sky and a spot to watch from. You don't need binoculars. Dark country skies free from city lights are best (light pollution makes meteors harder to see), but the word from some sources is that the show this year will be bright enough to enjoy from a suburban back yard.

You won't want to stand for an hour craning your neck back to look up at the sky. Set yourself up on a truck bed, car top, blanket or lounge chair. Mosquito repellent is probably not a bad idea. BTW neither is a few beers, a bottle of wine or some snacks.

For you early birds, Sunday is supposed to be the best watching, in the hours before dawn.

More about the shower here:

Those who plan to host a meteor-watching party are invited to leave a comment...

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