Friday, August 17, 2007

Extravablogapalooathon....etc, etc

I ran into Screwy last night and we started talking about the extravablog party shindig. Now Screwy has some fine fangled fancy ideas about having first drinks and then dinner and then partyin' on into the night. Which, if this was a wedding, would be fine. But it's not. A wedding. I think. It's another kind of beast entirely. So. This is the thread where we discuss exactly and precisely what we want from this confusingly named annual event. Me, I'm pushing for just one party. At one place. So that people don't have to move about and, most importantly, the host of the proposed late night event gets to participate in all of it. As one of the proposed hostesses, I feel strongly on this point, because if y'all think you can go out for drinks and then have a nice dinner while I'm frantically cleaning the house and setting up for a big late party, then you are completely out of your mind and when you show up I might throw things at you. Also, we all know how people have this tendency to flake off at those events with more than one chapter.

We can have this party at my house BUT 1) there's no parking in my neighborhood and 2) if it rains we're screwed and 3) we want you bloggers who don't usually come out to come out and there is some feeling that that's more likely if we use a sort of neutral location as opposed to my house. By neutral I mean public. Like Asheville Brewing Company or something. Sure, it will cramp the ritualistic blogger sacrifice but, you know, anything to get y'all out of your dens and into the public eye. So those are my feelings. What are yours? How do you want this party to shape up? You have to come, you know. It's required. So let us know what you want!


Kathryn said...

I'm for a public location too, although that does mean we can't bring our own booze. My house is an option as well, but I live out in the sticks. +'s include we can be as loud as late as we want and camping and a firepit and an air hockey table. -'s include a 20 minute drive and the afore mentioned unwillingness of newbies.

So I vote for the Brewco or the AP&BC gameroom after they kick all the kids out.

Screwy Hoolie said...

I'm down for whatever. Include these ideas in your figuring -

- I'm planning on inviting all of the BlogAsheville blogroll blogs
- The AC-T bloggers
- The Mountain X bloggers
- Rep. Shuler
- their families, etc.

The blog community has really exploded since our last humble gathering!

Just as long as I get to meet a lot of these people, I'm not married to how we throw the shindig. I just want to see the maximum numbers show up in an environment where folks are free to eat, drink, and be hairy.

Jennifer Saylor said...

"Eat drink and be hairy," LOL.

IMO dinner's not the ideal environment to meet people and 4PM's a bit early to start, therefore I'd just as soon go with MyGothLaundry's idea & just have one big blowout somewhere. Can we combine both ideas and have a cookout/potluck/Blog Awards ceremony at someone's house/yard?

Or is yet another suggestion the last thing this group needs?

I too am up for anything -- this is just my 2 cents.

Edgy Mama said...

ABC sounds good to me. Saturday nights at AP&BC are too crowded.

If we want to make it interesting, we can all come in costume. After all, the party is only one month before Halloween!

modpez said...

i very much vote (?) for one location, not downtown, some good soul's abode with an outdoors and a firepit which around these parts is a regional and grand custom.

please no restaurant or bar.

arratik said...

The 29th is Roberson High'a 20-year reunion, and I'm more than likely going to have to serve my marital duty as arm candy that night.

Wherever you happen to have it, have fun!

Kathryn said...

I have ample parking and a firepit in Candler. Camping on my lawn is an option. I don't wanna be pushy, but it is a good party house. Is that too far away?

Gordon Smith said...

I'm torn between wanting the nice fire pit and wanting new folks who don't any of us to come out. I reckon folks are less likely to come to a stranger's house then they are to come to a neutral location like a bar or restaurant.

Jennifer Saylor said...

Gordon, I appreciate that you want even the shy ones to show up. But I don't know that a restaurant is somehow a less welcoming environment. I vote for someone's house, and that newbies are encouraged to bring a friend to take the edge off. Lord, not that I'm not a newbie. But I do at least know a few local bloggers.

mygothlaundry said...

Well, I'm up for doing it at my house, but there IS always the danger of the deck collapsing.

Or, hey, what about doing it at a park? Can't you rent those pavilions at the river park or Malvern Hills or, better yet, Hominy Creek and use those? Or are they all strictly no alcohol?