Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Speaking of Strange, Indeed!

Local ghost investigator and author Joshua P. Warren has announced that he will be hosting a paranormal conference at the Asheville Pizza Company on Saturday, September 29 2007. The conference will begin at 1pm and go for approximately 10 hours. Breaks and book signings will be included, of course. Topics will include conspiracies, secret societies, ghosts, cryptids, UFO's and ESP.

Joshua has written numerous books on paranormal topics including his latest 'How To Hunt Ghosts : A Practical Guide'. Joshua may be found hosting his own local paranormal talk show 'Speaking of Strange' every Saturday evening from 8-11pm on News Radio 570 WWNC.

Also appearing at the conference, Jim Marrs author of 'Rule by Secrecy' and Nick Redfern, lecturer and author.

Tickets may be purchased at Warren's Dark30 Tour website.

Happy ghost hunting!

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shadmarsh said...

should be hosting a conference on how to get suckers to give you their money.