Friday, July 06, 2007

Municipal Election Schedule and City Council Candidates

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Joel Burgess, the AC-T's most excellent journalist, serves up a bulleted/Q&A fact sheet on upcoming municipal elections:

"Q: What are the key dates for voters?

A: Today is the first day that candidates for City Council and other offices in Buncombe County may file paperwork to run for office. Candidates may pick up forms beginning at noon. Candidate fees may apply.

- Aug. 10 — Absentee voting by mail begins for primaries.

- Aug. 17 — Voter registration deadline.

- Aug. 23 — One-stop, or early, voting begins.

- Sept. 4 — Last day to request an absentee ballot.

- Sept. 10 — Deadline for absentee ballots to be received.

- Sept. 11 — Primary election. City Council candidates will run by party for the first time in more than a decade.

- Sept. 21 — Deadline for unaffiliated and third-party candidates to turn in petitions to run in general election.

- Oct. 5 — Absentee voting by mail begins for general election.

- Oct. 12 — Voter registration deadline for general election.

- Oct. 18 — One-stop, or early, voting begins.

- Oct. 30 — Last day to request an absentee ballot.

- Nov. 5 — Last day for absentee ballots to be received.

- Nov. 6 — General


Q: Who’s on the ballot?

A: Three of the seven City Council seats are up for vote. In 2009 the others will be up for vote.

Q: Who’s running for City Council so far?

A: Eight candidates have said they plan to run.

Unaffiliated or third-party — Chris Chiaromonte created his own party, the “Cannabis Party.” Tim Peck, unaffiliated Libertarian.

Republicans — Matthew Hebb. Selina Sullivan.

Democrats — Jan Davis (incumbent). Bryan Freeborn (incumbent). Elaine Lite. Brownie Newman (incumbent).

Q: What races are on ballots in other Buncombe County towns?

A: Biltmore Forest — mayor and three commission posts. Black Mountain — mayor and three alderman posts. Montreat — two commission seats. Weaverville — three council seats. Woodfin — mayor, three alderman posts and seats on a board that manages the city water system."

There's more to the article at this link.

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