Monday, July 09, 2007

Asheville Live Earth Party a Hit

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketBruce Mulkey over at Talking My Walk posted about the big Live Earth party at Asheville Brewing Company on Saturday. I accidentally stumbled into the scene, too, intending to go by the bar and catch some Live Earth on the HDTV while reading a book. No way was that going to happen with hundreds of Asheville's enviroluminaries there. Here's an excerpt from Bruce's post:

"Approximately 500 people at the Friends of Live Earth event in Asheville joined two billion other folks from around the world on 7/7/07 in a gigantic wakeup call for our planet about the perils of global warming."
"Event organizers Cecil Bothwell, David LaMotte, Shonnie Lavender and yours truly were well pleased with the entire event. The representatives of environmental organizations and green businesses tabling engaged the folks attending and gave them empowering ideas about actions they can take right now to address global warming. The kids events were entertaining and educational. Local merchants provided valuable door prizes. The music from the Live Earth concerts on the big screen TVs was something to behold. The And our gracious host Asheville Pizza Company provided a lot of their fine beer and tasty pizza, plus their staff displayed grace and attentiveness in the midst of what was sometimes a whirlwind of activity."

Read the rest. That's Bruce in the foreground of the photo.

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