Saturday, July 21, 2007

Asheville Audio Postcard #1: Friday Night Drums

(Crossposted from Scrutiny Hooligans)

pritchardpark.jpgThis is a ten minute binaural field recording of polyrhythmic goodness captured last night at Pritchard Park. That’s right - I braved the undulating trustafarians and the patchouli stank so you wouldn’t have to!

I’ll be posting more field recordings taken in and around Asheville from time to time. As is the nature of binaural recording, headphones are highly recommended. A higher-quality MP3 file is available for download here.

Technical info: Sound Professionals SP-EMC1 microphones -> Edirol R-09 -> Cool Edit Pro 2.0. Encoded to MP3 (128kbps stream, 320kbps download) using CDex v1.70/Lame Encoder v1.32. Pic borrowed from 1000 Black Lines


Ash's Dad said...

Great pick-me-up for my early morning listening. 6:45 a.m.

More cow bell.

Oh, and thanks for the audio tip, I'm going to by a set of SP-EMC2 microphones.

Podcast said...

Nice clean audio.
I was in radio for 15 years in Asheville, grew up here, still live here,
I own run the site and produce a weekly sports podcast called The Fantoo Girls. We won Sports podcast for 2006, and they just started a new show on Sirius Sat on channel 123.
My site won 50 coolest web sites of 2005 by Time Magazine and this year
Best of The Internet 2007. Stop by a site born and rasied right here in WNC. Great to hear good quality audio. Nice job.


modpez said...

very nice. sounds transparent, clear, perfect. mike placement must have been interesting.