Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vicious Rumor

So, I go to 12 Bones BBQ today, again; and of course the line is understandably snaked around the front of the building because the food is so damn good.

One of the staff was afixn' a large umbrella to a plant stand, apparently to help shield those hungry line-standers from the June sun. A woman and her husband, who had just left the restaurant, stop and ask, "I heard ya'll were going to start opening on Saturday."

To which, the staff member smiled and replied, "I think that is probably a vicious rumor."

mac n cheese
smoked mushroom salad

jalapeno cheese grits
baked beans

mashed sweet taters
cucumber salad

collard greens
cole slaw

buttered green beans
corn pudding


I hate to promote 12 Bones as it will mean the line is longer everytime I go; however, I will state for the record, that you will be hard pressed to find a finer plate of rib BBQ and sides anywhere, short of South Alabama.

12 Bones
Serving Lunch
Monday through Friday 11am to 4pm
5 Riverside Drive Asheville NC, 28801
Western North Carolina
phone: 828-253-4499 fax: 828-253-4426
Worth the Wait!


shelter said...

My first every BBQ meal was at 12 Bones this past April. Was visiting Asheville from NJ and folks at motel recommended it. It was a wonderful experience. Great food, friendly folks, well worth the waiting in line. Now I'm probably spoiled forever.

Thanks for the list of "sides"---fond memories indeed.

ash said...

good bbq, but far from the best anywhere short of 'Bama. 12 Bones is great because asheville's barbecue offerings have been so pitiful. i mean Three Little Pigs? puh-lease. we've still got a long way to go to get to barbecue nirvana.

ash said...

also, the rumor could have sprouted from this tidbit that MountainX had a month or so ago:

Barbecue lovers, rejoice—but with restraint. Asheville’s 12 Bones Smokehouse is finally staying open for dinner, but only at its brand new Kingsport, Tenn., location. The restaurant, slated to open next month, represents a partnership between 12 Bones owners Tom Montgomery and Sabra Kelley and Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria owner Doug Beatty. “Doug has a fair amount of dealings in Kingsport,” Montgomery explains. “It’s kind of an up-and-coming downtown.” The Kingsport eatery will feature a similar menu to the much-adored Asheville joint, but will serve two meals a day, six days a week. Tennesseans have all the luck ...

zen said...

I drove by 12 bones late Friday and they were 'catering' a private party with band and all-you-can-grab-line.

I asked Sabra (co-owner) about this and she said that they'll cater to groups willing to buy $600+ worth of food. It may be just the thing for larger groups wishing to celebrate something. I love their food and agree with Ash above, except that food you can't get to (in say 'bama) is food you don't taste.

theseus said...

I'm with you Ash. 12 Bones is far from even being the best BBQ in Buncombe County in my book.