Friday, June 01, 2007

Tales From the Woods

Well, here's something we don't see every day!

This attractive, outdoorsy lass arrived in our garden sometime this morning. She is in the process of laying approximately 82 eggs which will hatch out in 9 - 18 weeks. It will take her all day to finish but she should be gone by tonight.

I'd never seen a snapping turtle before. She's a big girl at about 24" long. Her alligator tail is nearly as long as her shell.

It's hard to tell if she got herself knocked up recently as she can store sperm in her body for several years.

So I've circled July 27th on the calendar as the day we start watching for the hatchlings. They'll have quite an ordeal as they have a good ways to go to get to the creek.


Susan said...

Whoa, baby! I look forward to the updates on little mama.

Edgy Mama said...

Very cool, Jim! Love the snout shot.

moonbird said...

that's just AWESOME! congrats on witnessing such a beautiful and reassuring spectacle!