Friday, June 15, 2007


It's Gem Fest time again at Pack Place, y'all. For the next three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Pack Place will be taken over by dealers of beads and rocks and gems and minerals and jewelry and books and fossils and all kinda cool groovy SHINY stuff. And that's just the beginning - there are also kids activities - Crack a Geode! Pan for Gold! Mine for Minerals! - out front, a silent auction in support of the Colburn Earth Science Museum downstairs, free admission to that same museum AND two free talks on Saturday afternoon. So come down. See the shiny things! Buy cheap and incredibly cool stuff! Bid on the silent auction! (Except not on the blue lava lamp because that sucker is MINE.)

It's all cool and did I mention SHINY? You owe it to your inner magpie to at least stroll through. There's a door prize and a raffle TOO. And you can see it all for FREE. See you here!

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Edgy Mama said...

My inner magpie is aflutter with delight.