Saturday, April 14, 2007

mygothlaundry needs a crib

Copied from What The Hell?

"The Hangover Journals is being evicted, thanks to skyrocketing Westville property values. Do you know of anywhere affordable for her, two kids, two dogs, and an awesome blog to live?"

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mygothlaundry said...

Yay, thanks for the help, oh great community! And I need it, too. Heard about a great house last night but the cycle of joy to despair was quick: $1200 a month. That's approximately $400 more than I can afford. So. If anyone knows of any 2 - 3 BR rental in that price range, within 5 - 10 minutes of downtown for me, one teenage boy child (the other one finally moved out, sing hallelujah) and two mostly well behaved and exceedingly friendly dogs of medium size and uncertain ancestry, than please, please let me know. Or, turns out I can buy a house - that's less than $110,000 so if you have one of those that doesn't need $30,000 to make it habitable, that's good too.

I really appreciate all the kind thoughts and help and comments, y'all. It's very very sweet and makes me realize again that Asheville is still a wonderful place and I really don't want to leave.