Thursday, April 26, 2007

Doing Anything After Drinking Liberally Tonight?

Just a quick heads-up/shameless plug: tonight at Fred's Speakeasy (122 College St. in downtown Asheville) I'll be part of an electronic improvisational duo performance with Winston-Salem's own Michael Thomas Jackson, along with The Trapper Keepers, DJ Mr.TheBest and a whole slew of other performers as part of an evening called the Asheville Sound Soiree.

The show starts @ 10:00, and Michael & I will most likely be going on early. I'm not sure how much the cover is, but if it's more than $5, I'll be surprised.

So, instead of either heading home or retreating to Hookah Joe's after DL, why not check out some of what NC's experimental/noise scene has to offer? (If you do decide to come, one word of warning: it's going to be loud. And be sure to use the restroom beforehand. Anyone who's ever used the facilities @ Freds knows what I'm talking about.)

Under normal circumstances I would keep any of my artistic endeavors segregated to my own pathetic, barely-updated piffle of a blog, but this is exciting enough to share!

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