Thursday, March 08, 2007

BlogAsheville Second Annual General Strike and Gutter Guzzler - March 24th 31st!

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You remember what happened. You remember how syntax owned the lanes last year. About twenty folks turned up on that frigid February night in 2006 for a night of beer-soaked bowling at Patton Avenue's Sky Lanes before retiring to Felicity's place for homier shenanigans.

Well it's time again to spit-shine that orb of earthly delights for a night out with the luminous bloggerati of Asheville.

When: Saturday, March 24th 31st 8pm until
Where: Sky Lanes, Patton Ave., West Asheville

Please let me know in the comments if you're coming, and spread the word to all those lesser-heard-from bloggers we all want to see more of. I'll reserve the lanes, but I need to know how many to reserve.

All Asheville area bloggers and their people are urgently welcome. And all graphic art pimpifying the 2nd Annual General Strike and Gutter Guzzler is welcome as well. Here's a link to the excellent announcement created by Jim Jenkins for last year's inaugural event.

UPDATE - Date changed to allow more bloggy folks to attend


syntax said...

i think bliss has to work that weekend, so a late-night soiree may not be in the cards for her, but you can count me in.

Edgy Mama said...

Hurrah! The 31st is definitely better for me than the 24th!

Jer said...

Yay for the new date. I'll be out of town on the 24th, but on the 31st I'll be prepared to demonstrate my bowling suckiness.