Saturday, February 03, 2007

Shameless plug...

Totally shameless, in fact. First off, I have completely overhauled Bird On the Moon and introducted a sparkling, breezy, vaguely web2.0 redesign. W00t.

Here's the second (and far more important) plug; I am attempting to raise over $5k for a therapeutic summer program for emotionally/behaviorally challenged low income kids. We had an awesome pilot program last year and this year will be far bigger in scale and outreach. I have joined the "Robin Hood Fund," a social fundraising network. Those who complete the wish cycle with the most page views, ratings and favorites win their requested amount. So, BlogAshevillians, I'm asking you to take 10 seconds of your daily clickthroughs to visit the wish page and hopefully elevate this into a dream realized. The $ will go to fund experiential activities as well as assisting uninsured kids in accessing the program.

I'm not typically into self promotion, but obviously this isn't about me; it's about empowering kids to become role models of recovery. So, thanks, y'all, and if you need more skinny you know how to reach me.

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