Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Know Lots Of Men?

The Scapegoat Theatre Collective's 2007 Season will open, appropriately just in time for baseball season, with the Tony Award Winning TAKE ME OUT, by Richard Greenberg, a baseball comedy/drama which takes on the difficult issue of homophobia between men. The play's main character, Darren Lemming, is a popular mixed-race baseball player at the peak of his career when he decides to come out; an announcement met with varying responses during the course of the season.

Much of the play is set in a baseball locker room, and features a diverse all-male cast; it explores themes of homophobia, racism, class and masculinity. TAKE ME OUT has realistic references in that Glenn Burke (Dodgers) was out to teammates and team owners in the 1970's and Billy Bean (Padres)came out in 1999 after retiring from eight seasons of playing in Major League Baseball, however at the time of the writing of this play no major-league baseball player had ever come out to the public during his career. This show explores what happens when America's favorite pasttime becomes a true reflection of our country's diversity, and how this affects the boys who are faced with that all important question, "which team do you bat for?"

This cast list will be challenging to fill, so please spread the word that we are looking for men who fit the following guidelines:

Take Me Out Casting Information
11 men
Skipper- male, 40-50, Caucasian
Darren- male, 25-35, African-American or bi-racial, athletic build, must be experienced actor
Davey- male, 25-35, African-American, athletic build
Rodriguez- male, 25-35, Latino, bilingual, athletic build
Martinez- male, 25-35, Latino, bilingual, athletic build
Kippy- male, 25-35, Caucasian, athletic build, must be experienced actor
Shane- male, 25-30, Caucasian, athletic build, must be experienced actor
Takeshi- male, 30-40, Japanese-American and/or must be able to speak Japanese and English, athletic build
Jason Chenier- male, 25-30, athletic build
Toddy Koovitz-male, 25-35, athletic build
Mason-male, 30-40, Caucasian

Anyone interested in casting or volunteering, can contact Taryn Strauss.

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