Saturday, December 02, 2006

Holiday Fest Fabulous Crafts at Pack Place

The Colburn Earth Science Museum is hosting a really great arts & crafts fair on the lower level of Pack Place this weekend, so come downtown and get some holiday shopping done! Think about it: you're shopping downtown, which is helping out Asheville's independent merchants; you're buying from local artists and crafters, which helps them out and also does not contribute to our bloated and terrible gas dependent economy AND, as if you needed an and, a percentage of all sales goes to help out the Colburn, one of Asheville's treasures and a worthy non profit organization in its own right.

The sale goes on from 10 - 5 today, Saturday, December 2 and from 1 - 5 tomorrow, Sunday, December 3 and then it's gone forever. There is nifty stuff here ranging from jewelry to weaving to ceramics to wooden toys, Christmas decorations and more. To top it all off, BlogAsheville get together regulars and Drinking Liberally people will recognize several familiar faces among the artists, so not only are you buying locally, which is good, but you are buying from your friends, which is EVEN BETTER. And, get this, admission to the Colburn Earth Science Museum is free all weekend, so you can check out the museum AND shop AND reap much karmic goodness ALL AT ONCE. Hurry up! Go downtown!

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