Sunday, December 10, 2006

Drinking Liberally Downtown Pub Crawl 1.0

It's time again for the Drinking Liberally Pubcrawlers to go out on the town. Back in the days when the weather was warmer, we trekked the First Annual Drinking Liberally Haywood Road Pub Crawl. And now, as colder winds blow, we aim to move from pint to pint in the thumping heart of downtown Asheville for Drinking Liberally's Downtown Pub Crawl 1.0. Mark Stoffan, DL regular and blogger behind Asheville Beer Blog, is leading the evening. The route, artfully constructed by Mark and Kathryn, goes something like this:

Saturday, December 16th, 5pm until we end it

5pm - Wild Wing Cafe: You've heard the stories, now experience the magic of the meatiest market south of Whiskey Tavern. Grab some pub grub or a Jager bomb to get your crawl started.

Barley's: The greatest beer selection in town and big, fat pizza pies.

Smokey Tavern: Don't ask, don't tell.

Scully's: Hip spot in a space that's hosted some of Asheville's most famous hip spots.

Bier Garden: Prime for an invasion of pubcrawling liberals.

College Street: It's closing soon, so let's say sayonara to a place too cheesy to survive.

Asheville Brewing Company: Drinking Liberally's homebase and the only place that would embrace and celebrate the liberal endurance we'll embody at the end of the crawl.

The Drinking Liberally Downtown Pub Crawl 1.0, which may include a couple of surprise stops, has it all: Great food, great beer, unique atmospheres to challenge and delight you, and a great place to call a cab or wait for a ride at the end of the night. The company is sure to be convivial, and the drinking will likely be heroic.

There's also talk of Ebony Grill, Bobo's, and more - we'll have to wait and see what the night brings. We'll post a phone number on the day of the crawl, so you can call to find out where we are at any point during the night. Kyle, who earned the yellow jersey at the end of the Haywood Road crawl, is putting his title on the line. It's going to be a night of great conversation as we crawl into our holiday cups.

Please send an e-mail to baileyms2006-pubcrawl (at) yahoo (dot) com to
let us know you’re coming. Everyone's welcome. See you there!


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