Monday, November 27, 2006

No Means No - Or Does It?

The county again tries to slip some small zoning provisions into the process. The rest of us get to see the No Means No! yard signs again.

From the Buncombe County eNews:

"In June of 2006, the Board of Commissioners asked the Planning Department to draft maps showing the implementation of:

* a Modified Limestone Zoning District in the Metropolitan Sewerage District service area and
* an Open Use Zoning District in the parts of the County not already zoned or inside a municipality

Once the maps are adopted by the Planning Board, the County will set a series of public meetings to display the maps and get public input prior to a public hearing."

If you've ever wanted to hear folks go OFF about property rights, go to the "public input" portion of that meeting. I'm all for lots and lots of zoning, but I don't reckon I ought to get to tell the county folk how to live. Anyone who'd like to try ought to sign up for the input session.

Click here to read more about the zoning proposal.


Brainshrub said...

Woot! An issue for me to get educated about.

I am wholly ignorant about this.

Anonymous said...

North Carolinians should urge their state representatives and senators to support Senator Fred Smiths legislation that protects individuals' property rights. People are being denied those rights especially at the local level and find they have no recource.

Sen. Smith believes that the slippery slope exists. It starts with zoning laws and ends with Eminent Domain.