Monday, November 20, 2006

Earthhaven in the Post

The Washington Post loves writing about WNC these days. They're even giving the Earthhaven folks a fair shake in this article in the Sunday edition:
"THE SOLUTION TO THE ENERGY CRISIS turns out to be, in part, mood lighting. You go with one gentle bulb, a 10-watt number that shoos away enough of the darkness to keep everyone at the table identifiable. We're having a delicious, if arguably dim, meal on a pleasant summer evening at a place called Earthaven. It's an "ecovillage." It's in western North Carolina, east of Asheville, in a notch in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We're off the grid, and deep inside one version of the human future."

It's a long one. Go read it all.

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Brainshrub said...

I love the folks at Earthaven.