Friday, October 13, 2006


Ya'll check out the newest additions to the Blogasheville Blogroll!

Eyes in the Pine
West And Center
Strange Enchanted

Shoe Zoo
The Courtyard Gallery Blog
The Oxymorons
Spicy Elf

We also are sporting a brand new Pod Cast on Blogasheville:

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As always, we are looking for a few good bloggers to help maintain the constant flow of bloggy goodness here on Blogasheville. If you are a linked blogger, and are interested, give us a holler at the email on the sidebar.

And, we remain, as before, as ever.



Edgy Mama said...

Nice work, Uptown. Thank you.

BTW, I'm stealing part of your name for a character in my novel. He doesn't look or act anything like you. But he's just as smart!

Anonymous said...

Uptown Ruler,

Would you most kindly add to the blogroll?

I bow down before you,
alaina lynne

Arwen said...

Thanks for the props.
Arwen aka spicy elf

Kathryn said...

The Oxymorons link is broken, just to be your friendly neighborhood linkchecker.

sparkling diamond said...

Thanks for adding us!

Uptown Ruler said...

Heya all,

Got the Oxymoron link fixed!!!!


Added Listless!