Monday, September 04, 2006

WARNING: Post Contains Political Bias

The fam and I just got back from the parade at the Hendersonville Apple Festival. Both Charles Taylor and Heath Shuler paraded--appropriately separated by a long line of marching bands, cheesy floats, dancing girls, and classic cars.

I must say that Charlie looked pretty healthy striding along in his cowboy hat. He did have car support, which I was happy about as I don't wish heat stroke on anyone, particularly overweight old guys already suffering from blood flow restrictions.

Heath had a much larger group of supporters walking with him and no car support. But after years of sweating it out on the gridiron, there's no way he'd need wheels.
Heath's the one in the yellow shirt (which was a great move, whoever in the campaign came up with it. Heath stands out anyway because of his stature and good looks, but the bright yellow made him even easier to spot than usual).

Because I was breaking up a fist fight between two small children (mine), I didn't see Heath until he was past me, but once I spotted him, E-spouse and I started whooping and hollering and yelling his name (he gave me a bit of a quizzical look. Yeah, Heath, I was the crazy chick in the pink baseball hat jumping up and down).

I was nervous that making such a scene might get us beat up, but, in actuality, several other people near us starting yelling their support as well.

Then the lady standing next to E-spouse said: "He doesn't even need yelling. He's gonna win, no problem."

Here's hoping she's psychic.


Screwy Hoolie said...

Thanks for the reportage, EM. I linked this over at BlueNC.

deb said...

We should prepare ourselves for an onslaught of legislation designed to confuse, make dem candidates look bad, scare us and (though this one is doubtful)make pubs look good. Congress will be back in session starting today for 5 weeks, but may shorten that to 4 so they can go home and campaign. It probably won't get any more underhanded than this. No matter how good a bill sounds there will be something hidden in there that the dems absolutely will not vote for and the media will pick up on "dems do/don't support_____".

Just to share: When the sorry state of affairs is not getting media attention, I type a paragraph about it with links and asking others to write LTE's and spread the word. I go to political blogs and at just about any post I make a comment on that post and add "oh, and by the way, did you see what happened today?" then paste my paragraph. What I write will be read by thousands if I keep at it for about 2 hours. The campaign threads are very hot right now and hundreds of volunteers are reading their candidates posts, so that is the best way to spread the word on a serious issue. It is awesomely effective if there is a "petition" link, as most of the volunteers will go "vote" even if they do not have time to write their Congress person or LTE.

Isn't this internet powerful???

Now is the time for all fair dems to step up to the plate and show our Congress people that we have their backs. Catch the pubs at everything and don't let it go unnoticed!

Edgy Mama said...

Thanks, Screwy. Link away!

car said...

coooool edgy women, I know Health and his father. We have been to many chicken fights in the past. Heath is way more conservative than Taylor and these are the democrates we want elected! Just like West Virginia the democrates vote Dem. locally and republican nationally. Heath, as has been shown in the smokey Mt. Express and Asheville citizen is way more ultra right than Taylor(like most appalachian democrates) and I am most happy for your endorsement of another great supporter of our President and corporate leaders!

car said...

oh yea, go to
and try to determine which candidate is more conservative. Liberals are such dumbasses!