Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Richmond Hill Disc Golf Update

If you've been watching the Richmond debacle unfold, you'll know that the planned uberpark has been scuttled following incompetent construction operations. Before the clearcutting there was one of the loveliest disc golf courses in the nation there. And we DG afficianados were promised two courses on the site to replace the one destroyed by the construction plans. Now? It's up to the disc golf community to communicate our need for ringing chains and rad hyzer skip aces.

From an email:

"As the Chairperson of the WNC Disc Golf Club, I would like to thank you for all of your support and patience with the developments at the Richmond Hill Park. The club has been an integral part in developing disc golf in Asheville. We have had one of the most challenging wooded courses in the country, some amazing PDGA events and our parties aren't so bad either. All of this would not have happened without the involvement of our community.


Now we need your help again...

October 8th will be your chance to show Parks & Rec. and the city of Asheville how important disc golf is to you. We will be gathering at the New Richmond Hill Course at 2PM to demonstrate how large our disc golf community has become over the years. This is a quiet demonstration of our strong community. We encourage you to make signs to express your opinions and there will be a petition passed around to collect signatures of those who support disc golf in Asheville.

Also, during this time WNCDGC board members will be hosting Parks & Rec., certain environmental agency representatives and concerned citizens on a walkthrough of the new course. This is per the request of Asheville city council. We are very happy to oblige and to have the opportunity to show more people this amazing sport.

So, bring your family, friends and fellow disc golfers and lets show Asheville that disc golf is here to stay."

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waz said...

Good post, I'm happy to see this issue finally come up here.

I've stopped going over there to check out progress because its too depressing to see what they did to an amazing chunk of woods right in town.

Another successfull project from our "green" city...

Will head over there Sun. to see what the plan is, cuz I was over at the Black Mtn. course yesterday and it just sucks.