Thursday, September 07, 2006

Drinking Liberally: What's That Smell?

There's something in the air, and if you step outside this morning you can probably catch a faint whiff of it; it'll definitely get a little stronger and more pungent the closer we come to Autumn...

According to several news organizations that were desperate for something to fill up two minutes of broadcast time, Labor Day was the "official" start of the election season. Never mind the fact that everyone's been working behind the scenes, pounding the pavement, riling up the blogosphere, raising money and awareness, and working their tails off for at least a year now to prepare for this, the home stretch.

Yes... re-election politics are in the air, as evidenced by the plethora of lies and distortions spread by the folks at Taylor for Congress, the counterattacks from the Shuler camp, the DCCC's saturation of local airwaves, the impending RNC ads that are supposed to launch in October... not to mention the many examples of smear ads from other districts around the country that are floating around the Series of Tubes. Heck, thanks to sites like YouTube and more readily available equipment and software, everyday people are sidestepping McCain-Feingold and entering the fray, making and uploading their own DIY political ads!

What exactly do politics smell like? It's subjective, all in the olfactories of the beholder... I seem to remember a "Bloom County" strip years ago where Berkeley Breathed likened the smell of politics to dirty socks.

Anyway, wouldn't you rather enjoy the aroma of hops, malts and specialized yeasts from a pint of handcrafted beer instead? Or maybe the smell of victory from beating the level 5 elevator round on the Donkey Kong machine? Then come on out to the Asheville Brewing Company on Coxe Ave. tonight from 7:00 to 10:00 for another exciting episode of Drinking Liberally! There are lots of things going on, plenty of exciting news breaking daily, and plenty of spleen to vent in the process.

Everyone's welcome, and we'd love to see you!

syntax (co-host, Asheville Drinking Liberally)

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