Sunday, July 23, 2006

Rosemont Family Reunion, tonight at Mellow Mushroom

An eclectic DC-based Americana band called the Rosemont Family Reunion will hit Ashvegas tonight (Sunday, July 23) to play a 10 p.m. show at the Mellow Mushroom. By all accounts, they're worth a listen.

Lissy Rosemont e-mailed us at Ashvegas, encouraging us to come out and sending us a bunch of links. We like it when folks use bloggers to do a little viral marketing, so here we go.

There are a couple of things we like about this band despite the fact that we've never heard them play live. First, they've got some Southern ties. Lissy hails from Georgia and has some Ashvegas ties. Here's what she told us:
Dad's grand-dad was a train conductor out of Asheville and rode the route from Asheville to China Grove and back. I, however, am from Atlanta and the rest of the band is from pensacola and virginia. So I have grown up with Asheville stories buzzing around in my head and a few trips to the mountains a year kind of thing.

So that's cool. Now, to their sound. We like it, but we're never any good at describing it. So here's their official line about their first album, Forever Ruth:
Over 11 musical structures, the album maps the bloodlines of American music, combining folk, electric blues, jazz, and experimental manipulation - documenting a hybrid form that is uniquely American, indeed, uniquely Rosemont.

Here's how band member Kyle describes the Rosemonts:
I would say, "Imagine Bob Dylan, John Cage, George Gershwin, and Jeff Mangum driving through the desert at night in an el Camino powered by voodoo." ... I think we fall broadly into Americana, which is a pretty loosely defined genre to begin with. I want Rosemont to be musical collage artists, taking what we like from what we like, and leaving the rest.

Here's how another blogger described their sound:
Kyle and Lissy Rosemont weave elements blues, folk, lounge jazz, pop-rock, bluegrass, and alt-country into a musical tapestry they themselves describe as "digital Americana."
Their sonic quilt is patterned from Kyle's gravelly croon, which is nicely balanced by Lissy's more delicate vocals, and the whole beautiful mess of patchwork is tied together with little atmospheric electonic bits.

Are you intrigued yet? We are.
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