Friday, July 07, 2006

E-spouse tackles Inconvenient Truth

People often ask me what Enviro-spouse does for a living. The answer is, I'm not really sure. His field is System Dynamics, which doesn't explain much. So I usually say he's an environmental and public health consultant, which doesn't explain much either. Ultimately, I'll say that he's trying to save the world while feeding and clothing four people and two cats. Okay, the cats don't really need clothes, but Rocky looks soooo cute in his Halloween costume.

If you'd like to understand a bit more about what E-spouse does and learn how you, too, can save the world (and you're in the Asheville area or up for driving) tomorrow you can hear a panel of enviro-geeks discuss solutions to global warming issues as raised by my new hero, Al Gore, in his film An Inconvenient Truth.

The skinny:

Date: Saturday, July 8
Place: Fine Arts Theatre, Asheville
Time: 10 a.m. to noon

Here's a bit more from the "official" pr:

"The goal of the discussion group is to facilitate discussion about what steps individuals and organizations in western North Carolina can do immediately to address the climate change issues discussed in An Inconvenient Truth.

Dee Eggers, Ph.D., assistant professor from UNC Asheville's Environmental Studies Department will present Taking Personal Responsibility Now: Vital Steps for Individuals and Communities to go 'Carbon Neutral'. Andrew Jones (aka Enviro-spouse), southeast representative for the Sustainability Institute, will discuss Good News Tipping Points for Sustainable Energy Solutions. Jonah Butcher, development consultant for UNC Asheville's alternative energy Craft Campus, will speak on Cutting Edge Sustainable Energy Technologies at the Frontier of Science.

The panel will be moderated by David McConville, board member of the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center and organizer of the upcoming 2006 Design Science Lab workshop at UNC Asheville.

The Fine Arts Theatre discussion panel is free and open to the public."

Have fun. And let me know if you figure out what E-spouse really does for a living.


Kyle said...

Inspired by Buckminster Fuller, with his "how can I make a positive difference" attitude (notice the word difference - not profit), the Design Science Lab is geared to foster new ideas and thinking about global issues while meeting at a local level. This program usually convenes exclusively in NYC. Asheville is the first location outside of that area chosen for such an event.

Additional events in this program happen from July 19 - 28 at UNCA.
More information at Design Science Lab/Asheville

mike d said...

Carbon neutral is just another phrase du jour.

I feel common sense is the answer. Use what you need. No more, no less.

Do you really think restricting oil development and nuclear power are the answers?

Nuclear power is a no brainer. Remember Three Mile Island? All the theatrics over a miniscule release. The costs in "carbon footprint" for that environmental victory has been catastrophic.

Please think about that and don't pander to the audience who wants to feel and be told they are the vanguard to a new, eco-friendly society.

They are well-meaning but misguided.