Saturday, June 03, 2006

Jeff Coffin's Mu'tet

At Smilefest on Saturday, Jeff Coffin's Mu'tet held the hippie masses in the palm of his hand. Yes, you're seeing right - he's rockin' not just one, but two, saxaphones at the same time. Here's what his press says:

"Jeff Coffin, well-traveled saxophonist, composer, and Grammy Award winning member of Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, rejects all labels and categories other than "music" and "musician." But in the face of the Mu’tet’s new CD "BLOOM", even those once-broad tags fall short of defining the close coiling of sound, philosophy, and humanity that is the core of his art. With "BLOOM", Coffin explores the concept of universal musical spirit that is at the heart of his musical journey. "I'm finding common ground between a wide range of music," he reflects. "It has to do with the connected nature of everything around me, which becomes clearer to me everyday." Coffin's music, an astonishingly successful intersection of genres, styles, and collaborators, is the most convincing proof of his belief in an intangible musical spirit unburdened by any specific borders."

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